3 important tips to make your brand stand out from your competition:

How do I have my brand stand out is one of the most asked questions I receive as a
Brand Strategist when it comes to businesses looking for their brand to stand out from the hundreds of other businesses that do the same thing.

In this blog, we break down how to stand out from your competition, or better, how to differentiate your website so your audience sees a very clear difference between your business to another business, and why they would pick you over them.

Let’s get into it.

Every business owner needs to operate and look at their business as a SEPARATE ENTITY to that of the business owner.

This means that just because you like or dislike something, it doesn’t mean it may be good to transfer that thinking across to your business.

You, as a human require food, water and shelter to survive…

Your business requires money to survive and then reputation to thrive.

Therefore we cannot hope to think for our brands, like we do for ourselves because the requirements are completely different.

People follow MOVEMENTS. Every day we as human beings are always looking to align ourselves with causes, businesses, and movements that resonate with our experiences in life.

If you want to have a brand that makes an impact, you need that brand to speak directly to the PSYCHOLOGY of your the audience you want it to resonate with.

And the audience DOES NOT just mean your potential clients.

It also means your referral partnerships (businesses that share your perfect clients) and GateKeepers. The people who open doors to massive opportunities for your brand. Like Television, in front of a big audience, or other huge PR exposure.

The one thing in common with all of these is that you are always presenting your brand to humans.

Humans see everything in metaphors, visuals, analogies, and reflections of the experiences they have in life.

For example, Here at Spiral Orb Designs we focus heavily with very community-orientated business owners, that means those that only look at business as a financial gain for themselves and disregard who gets hurt in the process, would never ever look at our brand as a business they would want to work with.

A strong brand & website ATTRACTS the RIGHT people and REPELS the WRONG people.

Simply there are people that are a perfect fit for your business and people who just aren’t.

A strong brand saves a plethora of time not sitting and having inappropriate sales calls with people who aren’t a match for your business.

This is super crucial. You want your ideal client rating to sit at around 98% of the RIGHT people who enquire and raise their hands with comments such as, “your brand is exactly the kind of business I want to work with.” or ” I’ve looked at other websites/brands and yours resonated with me the most.”

This is what strong branding is all about and goes beyond just whipping up a logo, and very rarely do people get branding correct by accident.


Claudio our brand specialist was voted top 20 Australia’s brand specialist of 2022. Every brand designed by Spiral Orb Designs, includes a 2 hr brand strategy session directly with Claudio prior to your brand design and a post design implementation session.

If you’re the CEO, Marketing Manager, or a member of a board, Claudio can work solo or in groups with your business to workshop an effective brand and website.

So, if you are looking to create an unforgettable brand that attracts the right clients to you, we’d love to offer you a complimentary business blue print session.

Build an unforgettable brand with Spiral Orb Designs.