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Hackers, slow web speeds, broken lead forms, and stolen traffic and say hello to igniting your brand. Our website maintenance experts will keep your site secure and up to date so you don't have to worry about a thing.


Why You Should Consider On-Going Web Care For Your Wordpress Website


Risk of Hacks

Unattended websites are left open for infiltration. This can cause major damages to your website. One of the most simple ways hackers get through is through outdated software. Most hacks are gone unnoticed and code is usually installed undetected.

Broken Website

Your website is built by multi-developers. Each bringing in a program or software that works in unison with your website. When websites are left unattended, these bugs can show up without your knowledge and ultimately effect your customer experience.

Traffic Theft

When a hack occurs you'll find installed programs and software hardwired through coding which ultimately redirects your hard earned traffic without your awareness. This can damage your rankings and flag your site as spam and dangerous on search engines such as Google.

Slow Speeds

Your website is built of files very much like the way you would see on a computer. When left without care, these files pile up from the 'muddy shoe prints' your visitors leave behind. Along with unattended updates.. this all contribute to the load capacities of your website.

Keep Your Website In Safe Hands


Spiral Web Care



Keep your website with a local team you can rely on!

What We Do For You


effective web care

We audit, secure and boost your website before it becomes a problem all whilst being your back-end side team! Not baaaad.

Effective Backups

Imagine your $$$ going down the drain because you couldn't recover your website. Yep it happens.

Speed Boost

How much does someone's attention cost you? Let's fix that by speeding up your site with our speed boosters!

Requests For Tweaks

Need an update? A tweak? Some technically challenged solution? We treat you as our top priority!

Our Anti-Hack

We don't want to be fixing hacks for free.. So you can be sure we'll put 100% in keeping your site secure and away from pests.

Squash The Bugs

We're a bit hypocritical since we're spiders... (but we won't tell if you don't.) We fix bugs & issues at no extra costs.

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