Why we offer Website Packages

In our labour heavy world of web design and development, it can be quite daunting to understand what actually goes into a web design and development project.

In this blog we are going to break down this in laymen’s terms, so that you (like us) will be able to understand what the why and how it best serves you.

We save clients A LOT in money because of our philosophy of utilising what we call HYBRID Designers.

These designers are trained up in business, communication, design, and technical development. Normally, in a Web Design company you would find a Web Designer and then a Web Developer.

This means we’re able to save a tremendous amount of money for clients by lowering our overheads. For example; the project manager (who translates between client to developer to designer)…

We also remove the bridge between the designer and the developer who would require to internally communicate to get the design correct within the translations of coding.

Therefore that is already 2 salaries out of the equation, which you shouldn’t have to bear the cost on. So where does your investment usually go? Into your Website.

By offering Hybrid Designers, you will be working directly with one team member, who is locally based. Trained in the art of business and personal communication, fantastic design, amazing development and skilled in the art of collaborating with you.

We then have our personal Web Care Manager who sets up your website to go live. Thus giving you a truly collaborative feel between one designer with no limit of revisions within your package.

Your entire web design and development Melbourne experience is completely taken care of.

We have transparent pricing up on our website.

You can simply scroll through our website design packages, click on each item and get a detailed report on what each investment brings to you.

The best part about it? No hidden costs or fees, or a million options!

Most entreprneuers and business owners only require what we offer (Launch and Grow Packages)

To break it down. If you are a complete new business owner, your website isn’t going to build your business up. Your network will. Our Launch gives a great professional design with call to actions to refer your network to as you develop and grow your business.

Our Grow Package is what a business would consider when they require to grow into the next part of their business. (If they need their website to be able to have a custom catering option for people to leave their details, download a book, more detailed information and service/products… and even if your business requires a private portal for your clients to log in or upload documentation!)

Grow Website
Launch Website

Note: Grow varies in pages vs functionality a website requires. For example, a membership paid portal for your clients which is built behind the scenes of what a person sees on the front end, or integration of podcasts and other add ons.

Are you ready to Launch or Grow your website with Spiral Orb Designs?

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Happy Web-Weaving!