What to look for in Web Design

Looking to get a website designed? Read below for everything you ever need to consider when investing in a new website.

What should I consider before investing into web design?

Web Design is one of those areas that every business NEEDS to have when they are looking to grow their business through the many facets of online growth.

Before considering investing in a web design agency, you’ll want to consider the service you’re offering and have an idea of what outcome you want your website to have:

Purchase Products, Book in Events, Sign up for newsletters, Book calls etc.

An effective Website design and development at its core is labour-intensive. It takes numerous hours to design, construct and optimise a website with customer conversion in mind whilst also taking into consideration your customer’s user experience and journey.

The design and functionality are led by your business requirements, so it’s important that you know what it is you’re looking for.

Other considerations are;

Photography if you want to have custom images that best suit your brand.

Branding – having your branding completed in accordance with your business vision and mission

Copywriting – all the words that help convince your visitors to leave an enquiry and drive conversions.

CRM/Mailing List – download a freebie, purchase directly off your website, or book in a call and build your database for e-mail direct marketing.

If you don’t have all of this in place, or if you’re unsure, we can source alternatives and make suggestions on how to best achieve your goals. We have over 40 years of combined experience with hundreds of projects completed in an array of industries. Have a chat with us and we can help with what you’re looking for.

How do I know I’m getting what I pay for?

The sad truth is this: Our industry is unregulated.

There are a lot of people who can get away with selling high ticket web design and simply go ahead and purchase a $59 template that they then spend a couple of hours to adjust the text and images and charge enormous prices for this.

Here at Spiral Orb Designs, these are practices we do not agree with. Every project is custom-built and designed via our refined system and processes and with conversion-focused sales in mind for each of our clients.

When it comes to your investment, ask for a breakdown of how the entire project works, what is involved and who is involved.

You will be able to decipher very quickly if what’s being charged is fair in the sense of profit, the cost to the business, resources and time required.

Unfortunately we have had “sales cowboys” within our industry who have given out “How to sell 20k worth of web design” templates that, regardless of skill, anyone could apply to their business.

Yes that is SCARY that it exists.

This has attracted profit-driven individuals who come in, work with outsourced teams and then capitalise off the backs of hard-working business owners, earning ridiculous profit margins.

We commonly come across and work with business owners who have been mislead or burned before us, and are shocked at the price difference when we proceed to repair the damage.

This brings us to another common problem, in that you might end up dealing with a middleperson whose “complete team” is a company based in another country who outsources their projects for very low cost.

On a weekly basis we receive calls/emails from these agencies who offer extremely cheap labour to do all of our “work” for us, which can be enticing to some businesses as the value proposition is “gain a massive return of profit, let your customers pay and we’ll do it very cheaply, with most likely a template.”

If you can let go of your conscious around ethics of qualified designers being underpaid… very rarely do these experiences go well as there is no accountability from the agency to deliver a client-focused outcome, essentially because they are “white labelled” as a service. White Labeling is something WE DO NOT AGREE with. That’s a whole blog post of it’s own.. Anyway.

One way to avoid this happening is to request to have a zoom or video conference with the designer, developer and project manager in charge and fire away with questions.

You should be able to address whether the business is actually local or outsourced very quickly.

How come your local agency charges relatively low in comparison to other agencies that charge $20k+ per projects?

There is nothing wrong with agencies that offer this price range. It’s the detail of development functionality that typically range between prices.

There are about 4 people involved on a single project which makes sense as to why the high costs when you consider the costs of these employees and the profit return a business still needs to earn to be viable.

We have created what we call “Hybrid Business Designers” to help serve the types of clients we attract.

These businesses included those that love or want to work with big design agencies but don’t have the cashflow nor budget to do so yet.

We offer exceptional industry standard websites at a fraction of the cost with our unique Collaborative Hybrid Model that cuts operations making Spiral Orb Designs a leading high-level alternative service.

We wipe out the need to have 4 people (graphic designer, web designer, web developer, project manager) on a project and allow for 1 person to work through the design, development and direction of the website with continued touchpoints with you, the client.

How do we do that? With vigiours talent, systems and smart business processes.

A design agency is still a business, and a successful business knows how to operate. When it comes to design and development of your website, keep in mind this very note that most people don’t even think about when investing:

Does the business I’m getting my website from understand business systems, processes, and delivery?

**Never take on what someone hasn’t achieved with their own business, when it involves your business**

At Spiral Orb Designs still have a project manager whose role is very systemised, and our post-development team member, who ensures all the post-development (google, SEO setup, website speeds etc.) is completed, as well as continued support through our Website Maintenance program – Web Care.

Our Hybrid Designers have been taught to be great business specialists, communicators, designers and developers. They are efficient in leading the designs and development without the need of another specialist to guide the client.

This means we can justify the labour involved, and that’s how we run our agency.

I’ve been burned before with web design, how will I know this won’t happen again?

You may… but not with us.

Our goal is to work with you to build back that trust as our ethical standards in Web Design are second to none.

Did you know that Spiral Orb Designs was founded due to our founder burned by another agency with one of his other businesses? (It’s in our about us)

Our founder fell to the trap of over-priced web design where the work was outsourced to a cheap labour service. The brand was butchered and a lot of money was lost.

A story that we don’t share with alone.

So if you’re reading this and have been burned, or trying to avoid being burned… well we’ve been there. We understand the feeling.

Our brand was built so that others wouldn’t experience this unnecessary pain.

We take the time, through education to our clients, to ensure that no such experience will be felt again.

Though our prices are openly displayed on this page, we’ll also spend the time to really go through what you want vs what you need, we’re here to serve you and what you need most.

You’ll come out of a sales call feeling confident and assured that the decision to work with Spiral Orb Designs is a great one.

We offer a collaborative model which means that you (or a team member in charge of the project) will feel in control of the direction and influence of the website. We don’t offer capped revisions, only capped time in the scope of your package, which means that you’ll be able to work with our designers back and forth to get it right as long as it fits within the scope of your Website Brief.

How often will I need to refresh my website design?

If your business is growing sustainably you could be looking at about 1-1.5 years before you need to look at touching up your website again. By no means does this mean a completely new website (unless your business has rapidly grown.)

Typically a sustainable growing business revisits their websites at around the 2 year mark.

To best explain it, think of a website build like a newly developed home. Once built you are likely to change the decor over time as your taste evolves. This is what naturally happens with your services as they get honed and finely attuned to your clients’ needs. 

Renovations cost nowhere near the cost of development. These are your website updates when you require “a renovation” for your website to match how your business has grown.

How long does a website typically take from creation to launch?

It depends on how ready you have your content and how responsive you are to your designer’s requests.

Typically a Launch website, which is 1-3 pages, takes around 2-3 weeks to complete.

Your Grow website, at 4-9 pages, typically takes 4-6 weeks to complete.

And your Scale 15+ page website may take 10-12 weeks + to complete, depending on scope.

Once you have a chat with our specialist we’ll have a better idea, depending on your unique needs, to give you an accurate estimate.

These timeframes are an average and can be shortened depending on how active our clients are with touchpoints and getting required content back to us.

Does Spiral Orb Designs offer website hosting as well?

Yes we sure do. A website needs a home to live and we can create this home for you. We offer Web Care for every website we build. This is our maintenance service and includes complimentary website hosting. However, if you don’t feel you need your website being looked after, we also offer website hosting separately at an annual fee.

Conclusion: At Spiral Orb Designs we value education and making sure everyone who’s had the opportunity to enter the Spiral is looked after completely through their business development and growth journey.