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Sophia Harvey

Sophia Harvey helps you to invite authenticity, courage and curiosity so you can finally enter the next, aligned phase of your life

Sophia guides curious souls from the limbo of overwhelm, indecision and ‘stuckness’ to a new normal where listening to your inner authority and desires becomes second nature.

first layout for Sophia Harvey
second layout for Sophia Harvey
third layout for Sophia Harvey
The Objective
To create the brand strategy and bring together all of the assets of this unique brand into life. Having a very unique angle and speaking to a unique voice was the challenge on how to get Sophia's expertise as a well known psychologist and find the medium between psychology and coaching that works best for her style and delivery.
The Result
we dived deep from brand strategy, to design, through to the complete web development. Having tailored heavily around the symbology of the brand, our result is a professional finish that highlights and speaks to a specific audience.
desktop screenshot of Sophia Harvey
mobile screenshot of Sophia Harvey

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