Gemma Hanley Mindset Coach

Brand Design for Gemma Hanley

Being a health practitioner, Gemma had to have a brand that stood out in a world saturated with health and fitness professionals. Focusing on holistic, earthy colours gave Gemma's brand the caring vibe that diversified her from the rest. We also designed and built Gemma's website with a minimal and modern aesthetic and utilised her original imagery to give the it that personal touch. Offering one on one coaching, speaking workshops, and online interactions and resources, Gemma offers the full package for anyone interested in personal development and NLP coaching.

first layout for Gemma Hanley Mindset Coach
second layout for Gemma Hanley Mindset Coach
third layout for Gemma Hanley Mindset Coach
The Objective
Gemma wanted to incorporate all of her services into a single services page to keep everything in one place for ease of use. One issue with this is the amount of scrolling the user must do to view all her content, in which case they may miss something or not get to their desired destination before clicking off.
The Result
Instead of simply listing each of her services out with a description below, we decided to go the extra mile and use tabs to filter through content. This allowed the user to stay pretty much in the same spot as they browsed through her different services instead of scrolling vertically to do so.
desktop screenshot of Gemma Hanley Mindset Coach
mobile screenshot of Gemma Hanley Mindset Coach
"Claudio, Dave and the team at Spiral were wonderful to work with on both my branding and website build. They were incredibly responsive, adaptable to my ideas, and patient while I took the time to make considerations so each element truly felt right. One of the things I valued most was their willingness to find solutions and work with me on my desires. I can easily say I found the team trustworthy, accessible and extremely friendly!"
- Gemma Hanley
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