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Forging Excalibur

Membership website offering coaching for Men

Michael Lauria has dedicated his life to improving the lives of Men through life coaching, goal setting, and relationship coaching. Offering several tiers of programs aimed at evolving your way of thinking, Michael targets those who are serious about changing their lives and those around them. With a focus on knighthood, swords, epic vibes, and all things masculine, Michael has had a very clear brand direction from the get-go, and checking out his website is truly an experience not to be missed!

first layout for Forging Excalibur
second layout for Forging Excalibur
third layout for Forging Excalibur
The Objective
The objective is to provide offerings that entice people to a) sign up to the mailing list, b) get started with the unique membership program - The Knights Code, and c) get upsold into higher level courses. These needed to be presented in a clear and concise way while still providing enough detail to legitimise the offerings. The infrastructure of the membership levels needed to be built out in a way that provided all pre-recorded course content through a drip-feed where every week the member would get new content. Once the 12 week course has been completed the member would gain access into higher tier courses.
The Result
Based on complex membership modules set up for his website, we were able to facilitate his vision through the Paid Memberships Pro plugin which handled most of the back-end membership load, in conjunction with Woocommerce. The membership setup included; paid memberships, restricted access to courses based on level, and only access to courses until previous modules have been completed, drip-fed content for weekly viewing, a library of content so that previous weeks can be accessed, and unique landing pages for each offering.
desktop screenshot of Forging Excalibur
mobile screenshot of Forging Excalibur
Spiral Orb Designs have created world class branding and websites for me that are unparalleled in terms of world class quality and creative design. From the initial stages until completion and even afterwards; Claudio, David and the team have been in my corner and have helped bring my brand and my vision to the world in a way no one before them has been able to. Highly recommended on every level ?
- Michael Lauria, Founder of Forging Excalibur

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