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Chomp Dental

Dental Clinic Website Design for Dentists who put the "Care" in Dental Care

Chomp Dental was a very newly launched clinic when they came to Spiral for a new website design. They had a vision from the start of a modern and interactive website, combining high end design with lots of next level animations. Chomp Dental stands out from the crowd of traditional dental practices with their new trendy and eye-catching website. They even have a support dog for uncomfortable patients - how cool is that!

first layout for Chomp Dental
second layout for Chomp Dental
third layout for Chomp Dental
The Objective
Building a 20k website on a 4k budget. Whenever we start a new project we ask the client for some website inspirations to send through so that we can get an idea of the style that they are going for. Needless to say, Evelyn sent through some mind blowing designs for dental clinic websites that made us truly excited, because that's when we knew we had something special on our hands! Browsing through these inspirations it was clear to me that they were custom built which is often code intensive and aimed at those with a 10-20k budget. Being specialists with Wordpress we knew we could match the quality for a quarter of the cost.
The Result
Utilising custom JS libraries and some funky CSS for styling, we were able to create a high-end look and feel, complete with animations coming at you from left, right and centre! We took care to keep things edgy, without bombarding the user with too many transitions, and to have a clear focus on Chomp's unique images and content, with engaging Call To Actions throughout. A collapsible menu for navigation items gave it a bespoke feel, as well as having the ability to add the main CTAs - a Booking and a Call button in. Overall this site shaped up to be beyond expectation and was a highly collaborative experience.
desktop screenshot of Chomp Dental
mobile screenshot of Chomp Dental
Claudio, David & the Spiral Orb team just finished designing our new website and we cannot express just how much we love the finished product. They were easy to work with, prompt to reply, and also affordable for us as a new business. We trusted them to design a site that met our brief, and because of this it took alot of the stress off us, and they sure delivered! Thank you guys!
- Dr Evelyn

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