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Scale Your Branding

The Program I Wanted For Myself

When a business owner wished they could have it all at an affordable price. Get over $250k worth of knowledge as we teach you what we live, preach and do with Spiral Orb Designs.

The 4 Pillars of Brand-Scaling Success



Evolve your services and delivery to match costs, time investment and scalablity for your business. Real-Time Strategy around Structure.

Online & Offline
System Integration

Build out proper online and offline systems that are designed to buy back time, increase productivity and growth.

Correct Financial
Scaling Plans

Reverse engineer your growth projections to cover expenses from tools to staff to contribution. Grow financially correctly, and ethically.

Business Growth

Market your brand without needing to spend a fortune. Learn the multiple ways to grow your business, the different tiers and when to expand.

Scale Your Brand, Attract Your People, Grow Sustainably, And Buy Back Your Time



Membership Course


Unlimited Access

Gain Access to 66 video part series where Claudio will teach, join and assist in setting up your entire brand foundations around the 4 pillars of brand scaling success.

in this course you will learn:

  • How to establish your own powerful brand foundations
  • How to make your business financially sound by reverse engineering your business growth
  • How to sell the vision to the right staff, partners and clients
  • How to re-jig your services so that you aren't stuck inside of your business as you grow
  • Best marketing growth campaigns to be effective for your business

This course includes:

  • Private Facebook Community with Facebook Post Communication and Support Emails
  • Building Out Your Own System Growth Management Tool
  • Unlimited Membership Site Access
  • A Money Make Guarantee*

This course does not include:

  • Personal attention outside of the private Facebook community

* If you don't make your investment back after completing the Scale Your Branding - Video Course you'll gain 1 month with Claudio Valued at $550 making your total investment to this course just $275.

Conditions Apply.


Silent Partner Program


$550 per Month

Bring Claudio into your business as your silent partner for 90 days. You'll get personal one to one attention across the same four Brand-Scaling pillars he uses for Spiral Orb Designs.

in this side-by-side program you will get:

  • A done with you build to a powerful brand foundation
  • Personally reverse engineering your financial goals to buy your time back and scale effectively
  • The tools to sell your vision to the right staff members, clients and partnerships
  • Done for you 're-jigging' of your services so that you aren't stuck inside of your business as you grow
  • Best personal and marketing growth campaigns for your business

This program includes:

  • Private Facebook Community with 30 minute Daily Access to Claudio via Voice Chat. (Mon-Fri)
  • 3x 1 on 1 brand scaling session (2 hours worth)
  • Done For You System Growth Management Tool
  • A Money Make Guarantee*

This program Also includes:

  • 90 Days Membership Site Access

* If you don't make your investment back after the 90 Day initiative program you'll work with Claudio at no extra cost each month until you do.

Conditions Apply.

See what our members have to say

So assuming all the guys make it to the end of the 12 months I’ll have made $33,000 from 1 intake. Then if they all go to the retreat, that will be another $19,500; so $52,500.

In terms of how much time this has freed up; if I were to make the same amount of money doing individual coaching sessions, that would take me 27 hours per month where as having them all in a group environment I spend about 6 - 7 hours per month.

That gives me an extra 20 hours per month to scale my vision and grow my’re seeing what I’m able to do with that...another program, podcast, free videos in the group, nurturing members more deeply, and creating MORE to support the future.

- A Member from our Brand Scaling Program

From the workshop I have taken $2423 all up. 2 had a 10% discount voucher on the workshop and 1 was my guest. Total from that is $1120 Then there end up being 4 decks bought, and the rest was other products sold. A mix of 20% off and full prices. So $1120 + $1303 with a total of $2423 from the result of a 3 hour workshop"

- A Member from our Brand Scaling Program

This program is not for you If...

Golden Spidey   You want to build an empire to obtain material possessions.
Golden Spidey   If you don't care about giving generously back to our world.
Golden Spidey   If you deep down believe you come first in business.
Golden Spidey   If you can't see the equality between the shoe maker and the king.