At Spiral Orb Designs, we want to reach and help more people with quality work, and are happy to pay you bigger dollars, to support our vision.

When it comes to high-converting sales, A GUARANTEED quality delivery, we want you involved as little as possible with a nice thank you sum paid into your bank.

We provide a proven referral method, that if you follow, we guarantee a fruitful and financially rewarding partnership.

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This process works effectively and will take most 5 minutes of your time earning you an average of $500-$3000 per contribution referred.

If you have any questions about the process, please call Suzy directly on
0411 932 656

Please fill out the information below and e-sign to let us know you have read and understood our referral program. We look forward to partnering with you!

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Meet Your New Partnership Team


Claudio - Head of Operations

Claudio runs the operations management within Spiral Orb Designs. From innovation to efficiency on delivery, his role is to make sure we deliver high-value from beginning to end with each project so that Spiral Orb Designs can continue to deliver the best in systems, processes and ultimately reputation. Your referrals will only speak highly working with the Spiral team.


Suzy - Head of Sales

Suzy heads our sales department and manages Spiral's pipeline. She is empathetic in her approach and loves sales. Alongside sales, she also co-project manages with David and ensures next steps for each of our clients as well as manage the relationships. Most of your referrals will be connecting with Suzy directly. Expect a hello from her too!


David - Head of Design

David leads the web design department and works closely with our in-house web designers on every project. This ensures that each project is getting the best in UI/UX design and strategy and maximises client experience all whilst exceeding design and development output.


Jessie - Head of Marketing

Jessie works closely with our clients who have invested into our marketing CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) and advertising services. Working with SME's to to analyse user behaviour, implement funnels, and increase market footprint expansion, she heads the division and growth strategies required for our client's lead and conversion growth.