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At Spiral Orb Designs, we rely on collaboration with you when it comes to the development of your website. To successfully complete and launch your project in a timely manner please read the below thoroughly.


Payment + First Steps

Sign the agreement below then choose how to pay; up front, or on a payment plan.

Once signed we will introduce you to your designer who will organise a meeting with you.

You will be sent a link to a Google Drive folder for you to populate with Branding, Images, Copy, and additional info/assets.

From the time of your initial meeting with your designer you will have 6 weeks to complete your project. If you have an included Branding package this may take around 4 weeks to complete.



You will have 6 weeks of development assigned to your project so it is important for you to be prompt in your communications.

A typical breakdown is as follows:

Week 1-2: Initial chat + Home page review
Your designer will submit a home page for you to review. You will provide feedback and any assets requested to your designer.

Week 2-4: Rest of site
Your designer will provide all subpages of your website for you to review and supply feedback. You will need to provide assets as requested by your designer.

Week 5-6: Completion
Refining your design and implementing mobile optimisation so that it is responsive on all screen sizes.



Once your new website design is approved and you are ready to launch, Suzy will follow up with you to organise Hosting and/or maintenance options. The options here are; use your own, use our Spiral hosting, sign up to one of our Web Care packages for complimentary bundled hosting.

Once migrated and post-development actions have been completed (including indexing you on Google and optimising your website) we will send you an email notifying you that your project has now been completed and it's ready to be showcased to the world!

If you have selected to go with a 3rd party host and have selected our Procuret payment option, you will need to host-only with Spiral Orb Designs with a small fee covering the cost between launch and the remaining time of your payment plan completion.


The Holding Bay (for incomplete projects only)

If the project is still incomplete by the end of week 6, we will add your project to “The Website Holding Bay.” (It sounds scarier than it actually is.) This means your project will be looked after and maintained by us until you are ready to resume it again.

Important note: Projects that are revived from the Holding Bay will incur a fee based on the hours needed to bring your project to completion. Your designer will clearly define what is required from your end and what is required to bring the project to completion as well as providing you with a quote to have this done.

Why do we do it this way?

We have to invoice for continued work because we have to allocate additional time and resources to your project if it goes beyond the 6 week allocated development time. If we were to continue every project past the allocated time frame it would create a knock-on effect that would impact our other clients who have been booked in and are patiently waiting. We ensure that all our clients are treated equally and are given the dedicated time for a high standard end result. Delayed projects mean our designers have to slot in the time to allocate in between existing booked projects, so we need to do right by our team, and most importantly you and your business.

Thank you for understanding and we look forward to collaborating with you!



As we have accurately provided a quote accordingly to your requirements and needs there are possible variations that can impact your project. Spiral Orb Designs offers a very collaborative effort when bringing your project to life. We offer a TSA (Time-Scope-Allocation) that is found within your proposal in relation to functionality requested and pages outlined. Variations are only applied if either your 6 weeks development window comes first or your TSA has reached completion. Both have been factored in for revision and general time scope. We rarely go over TSA and this is typically due to how involved a client wants to be. During the delivery of your project, your designer will keep you informed and raise any concerns with you and the team if any arise.

On occasion you may find that you would like to add additional scope to your project, which in this case you may discuss with your designer, and they may be able to be included or quoted on top for you and agreed by you if you would like to continue. As designers and experts within our industries, we encourage to place your trust in us from a user experience and our conversion optimisation perspective.

Please above all else, remember that your website is not ONLY for you, but for your business, and we will help you take it to the standard it deserves.

Now that you're aware of our process

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If you have any questions, please feel free to email Suzy at suzy@spiralorbdesigns.com.au

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We’re super excited to bring your project to life with you, so thank you for placing your trust in us!