SEO Agreement

At Spiral Orb Designs, we rely on transparency and commitment when it comes to the growth of your SEO Activities. To successfully commence working together please read the below agreement thoroughly, and sign below.


Our Commitment

Spiral Orb Designs is committed to delivering all of your SEO activites each month as part of your SEO Package. 

These activities include the following:

  • This includes all your keyword research
  • The mapping of these keywords
  • Competitor tracking of their keywords, backlinks, strategies
  • Your Google My Business Listings Management
  • Posting on Google your new offers, events, or updates (with images designed) -
  • Cleaning up bad backlinks that are stopping you from succeeding
  • Finding opportunities of backlinks from your top competitors
  • Getting you on important directories to boost your SEO presence
  • Getting you on the right directories to boost your local SEO
  • Replying to your reviews (if you are too busy to do this)

Depending on your package also includes

  • Development and implementation of location pages to broaden your ideal lead reach
  • Service pages designed, developed and optimised for larger lead reach
  • Back links to build your domain authority to increase organic market share to your website

All of these activities are done in unison within the month and when applicable/viable.


Your Commitment

At certain points throughout working together, there will be forms and data required as we continue to refine the strategy and work we perform. Your commitment is that you'll be available when we require assets or information (typically via email).

Our team will need your approval to implement certain requirements so you will need to be prompt in response to not delay the implementation.


Our Goals

We provide comprehensive SEO implementation and management at a cost-effective price, eliminating the need for high SEO retainers. This allows our clients to allocate more of their marketing budgets toward direct lead generation through funnels and advertising. We believe SEO is a continuous necessity in the competitive digital space, transitioning from intensive efforts to a maintenance model over time. Our pricing reflects this commitment to honesty and integrity.


The Agreeable Paperwork

Length of SEO Package:

The SEO Package is a minimum of 6 month commitment which then transitions to month to month. We have built this product to support business budgets and allow them to grow and nurture in the most cost effective approach, to deliver a results over time approach. The time commitment is required for workload provided and the gain of results. Once transitioned month to month, though SEO should be a continued effort, you may downgrade or work with other providers. 


As with all digital growth plans, we cannot guarantee immediate results. SEO is a gradual process that improves over time. You will have access to a custom-built dashboard to track your progress and see the improvements. Consistent SEO efforts are essential for ongoing success. Please note, we are not responsible for your sales or the management of leads generated from our efforts.

Cancellation/Upgrade/Downgrade Policy:

Due to the intensive nature of our services, we require an initial commitment of six months for our tiered service plans, with the option to upgrade at any time. After the initial six-month period, the service transitions to a month-to-month arrangement, at which point downgrades are permitted. Should you choose to cancel before the completion of the six-month commitment, you will be obligated to pay 50% of the remaining balance.

Payment Setup:

Payments are exclusively processed through Direct Debit using the Pay Advantage System (our secure Australian provider). The charges are calculated based on a daily rate and are billed on the 1st day of each month. If you are on a current Web Care plan this is an upgraded inclusion.

You will receive a separate email or SMS with instructions to set up your payment portal.

On the 1st of every month you'll receive a RECORD ONLY invoice to go with your service.

Additional Costs:

Occasionally, there may be necessary infrastructure work on your website regarding functionalities or essential updates. While we aim to include most costs within your package, unforeseen requirements may arise that fall outside the project scope. In such instances, you will be entitled to a 10% discount on any of our Pay Per Materials services if needed.

Spiral Orb Designs will never conduct work without your approval.

This benefit also applies to any additional work separate from your SEO package requirements, such as new functionalities or pages.

Now that you're aware of our process

Read and sign below to begin

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Once you’ve agreed to the Terms and Conditions please sign below.

We’re super excited to boost your website SEO potential with you, so thank you for placing your trust in us!