Multiplier Agreement

At Spiral Orb Designs, we rely on transparency and commitment when it comes to the growth of your website. To successfully commence working together please read the below agreement thoroughly, and sign below.


Our Commitment

Spiral Orb Designs is committed to delivering strategies and implementations based on a custom roadmap derived from the initial reporting demo session, which will be delivered around 10 days from the official launch date. 

These activities include strategies aimed at building up social proof, data analysing, altering your website, providing regular reporting, and incorporating SEO activities if and when they are deemed necessary, all within the allocated timeframes for your account. Furthermore, we pledge to collaborate on enhancing your website and making necessary adjustments to optimise conversion.


Your Commitment

You will respond promptly when we need assets or content to be completed, enabling us to provide our best work for your business. Given that we have specific monthly target goals, it is your responsibility to ensure that we receive all necessary information as it becomes necessary.

At most, yourself or a team member who will be working with us will need to dedicate an average of around one hour per month to approve reviews or to go through our strategy reports during our presentation calls.


Our Goals

We will construct our roadmap based on the initial report. If you have chosen to receive your report before the Multiplier, your roadmap will then be presented.

Throughout the process, there are 7 major activities that we prioritise. The sequence of these activities is determined based on the findings of our competitor analysis.

Our approach can be categorised as sustainable or aggressive. This categorization is usually based on your ranking in comparison to the 3 highlighted competitors we have showcased.

Our team will offer guidance on the approach, taking into account the findings and your approval. You can choose between a sustainable or aggressive strategy. The aggressive approach might involve more time and upfront costs, particularly in relation to SEO activities, if and when they are necessary.

Our objective is to achieve measurable progress each month, with clearly defined benchmarks. The Multiplier follows a gradual trajectory as we integrate all 7 major activities and establish a well-coordinated and consistent mechanism based on the implemented strategies. It's important to consider this gradual progression, as we dedicate time to constructing the process.


The Agreeable Paperwork

Length of Project:

The Website Multiplier is a 6-month commitment, followed by a month-to-month arrangement. This approach ensures that we have ample time to execute all 7 major activities and establish a consistent growth engine.

Early Cancellation:

Spiral Orb offers the option of discontinuing the project, with a provision to pay the remaining balance of the 6 months commitment. Once transitioned to month by month we'll require a 30 days notice to cancel.

Payment Setup:

Payments are exclusively processed through Direct Debit using the Pay Advantage System (our secure Australian provider). Due to the volume of our books this is the only payment option we offer. The charges are calculated based on a daily rate and are billed on the 1st day of each month. 

You will receive a separate email or SMS with instructions to set up your payment portal.

Payment fees are as follows:

From bank accounts
From credit cards
+ 1.87% MSF
+ 2.97% MSF for International Cards

$5.50 per bank account dishonour
$5.50 per credit card dishonour

$0.42 per debit reminder

Additional Costs:

SEO activities are included as part of your Multiplier Package, however sourcing great backlinks may encounter additional costs that are set by the website owners. We simply pass the invoice costs directly to your business, meaning there are no hidden fees or middle management fees. These costs could range from $50-$200 for backlinks, however are completely dependent on the 3rd party. We'll never approve backlink opportunities without your consent. 

Occasionally there may be requirements you need beyond scope of inclusions, whether it's certain functionality or requirements to build. Though our work is kept within the Multiplier parameters, if there is any additional requirements you need you'll have these quoted at our PPM (Pay Per Materials) rate with a 20% discount. These are treated as time per labour costs. 

You may also have access to 20% discount on any other Spiral Orb requirements for your business that are irrelevant to the Multiplier (new pages, new functionality etc, brochure designs, etc.) 

Now that you're aware of our process

Read and sign below to begin

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You'll receive a reminder for your upcoming payment 1 day before direct debit (0.42 cents)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Suzy at

Once you’ve agreed to the Terms and Conditions please sign below.

We’re super excited to multiply your website potential with you, so thank you for placing your trust in us!