Welcome to the Spiral !

From here...

We will introduce you to your Web Designer who will be taking care of your project.

Your designer will arrange an initial chat with you where you will discuss your project specifics and go through the process in more detail.

Your designer will have your homepage to you within the first week of your project starting. It is up to you to provide timely feedback so that your designer can progress with the rest of your site.

Once all your pages and any additional functionality has been completed, your designer will let you know and request any additional assets needed for completion of your project.

Last steps will include making your site responsive for mobile devices, going through several rounds of testing, and then we can move on to migration! Suzy will touch base with you around Hosting options and our Web Care service, where we continue to look after your incredible new website!

We look forward to working with you, and we'll be in touch shortly to get started.

- Your friendly spidey team