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Imagining a world where visionaries who have built the companies, the financials and the following.. come together to create billion dollar impact for a better world tomorrow.


Our Active Contribution Initiatives



Evolve your services and delivery to match costs, time investment and scalablity for your business. Real-Time Strategy around Structure.

Online & Offline
System Integration

Build out proper online and offline systems that are designed to buy back time, increase productivity and growth.

Correct Financial
Scaling Plans

Reverse engineer your growth projections to cover expenses from tools to staff to contribution. Grow financially correctly, and ethically.

Business Growth

Market your brand without needing to spend a fortune. Learn the multiple ways to grow your business, the different tiers and when to expand.

Our Current Contribution Initiatives


Brand Care
Growth Initiative

Through the different services, we have been able to donate free web design, updates & growth strategies towards our Brand Care clients by heavily treating each client as our loyalty team.. We assist in their growth, by supporting them beyond their investment, delivering a truly altruistic VIP experience.

Community Build
Development Initiative

With the skills we have we should be thinking on how we can give to those without. The Community Build Development Initiative is our first step towards our global vision. Focusing heavily around humanitarian and sustainable development projects. Spiral Orb Designs, clients and businesses will have an opportunity to give to those who have the vision to change their communities to change the world.

Scale Your Branding
Initiative Program

We launched our first official intake in February 2020 with exceptional results. The program was designed to silent partner into a visionary's business without having any shares. This is where it begins for business owners wishing they had all the tools to grow an effective brand without a catch.

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The Origin Story

Presented By Claudio.
Founder of Spiral Orb Designs

Before I begin. This is not for you If...

Golden Spidey   You want to build an empire to obtain material possessions.
Golden Spidey   If you don't care about giving generously back to our world.
Golden Spidey   If you deep down believe you come first in business.
Golden Spidey   If you can't see the equality between the shoe maker and the king.
Before continuing on to read this. Please understand that I will be writing what can be a bit confronting for some as my back story combines both personal experiences revolving around death and mistakes in business. Both have lead onto positive outcomes that have evolved myself and the values Spiral hold together as a brand today.

When you've Lost What You Love Do You Then Find Higher Purpose In What You Do

What do you lose when your purpose is to give back back to the people you love only to have them die? Meaning.

In 2015, A year after launching my first successful business I suddenly lost the person whom I worked hard to take her stress away.. to stress. That person was my mother.

I learned very quickly that creating wealth and keeping it to myself had become pointless.

In this same year I placed all my focus on releasing a 9 month lifestyle transformation program where the branding behind it was around UNITY. "You transform your life and your money transforms the community." In 40 days I had raised $4,500.

This money was to be used into the community but out of scarcity I had been convinced I should invest into marketing as I was seeing a decline in mine.

Ironically the investment into the community was what would have generated the PR for the program and to grow the movement. I did not trust my gut and the outcome was my lesson to learn.

This was my first mistake... A distrust towards the digital industry.

I saw that investment disappear across the months and yet not all was lost. From learning about the deep dark digital web (underpaid outsourced labor, overcharged pricing, below quality services at high costs).. It's here I formed Spiral Orb Designs which was heavily focused on never having anyone taken advantage of again. Since then the impacts, businesses and visionaries we serve and collaborate are a testament to those values we set.

Our vision stands strong: To contribute and collaborate with the business visionaries who are building the companies of impact, are attracting a following of humanitarian and planet-conscious minded people.

A metaphor of a round table above the earth, as together we tackle billion dollar challenges solving world-problems.

If You'RE The Visionary Evolved To Shift The World.. I Invite you to my story.

If you don't know or follow me. My name is Claudio.

I have innovated, invested, and found my way in this world. Having a close relationship to death it has shaped to how I do and run business.

Before I launched my first brand back when I was 21. I had spent my tax money on a hotel up in the mountains where I was to leave this world in a forest near the hotel I stayed in.

I was disconnected to a world that did not make sense to me. A world where I had so many WHY questions with answers that only left me disjointed and disconnected.

"It's just how the world is."

"Such is life."

"Stop asking and just keep doing."

I Thought Something Was Wrong With Me

I suppressed my disconnect further and further, that I had insights that nobody around me could see.

It was in what was to be my last night crying on this bed facing the ceiling.. did I suddenly experience a surreal epiphany.

My consciousness left my body. It hovered above me, it left the hotel, it hovered over the town, over the country.. and from the edge of the atmosphere.. it stayed there, observing.

Watching from space back at me down on Earth I saw this light emitting from me. Embodying electricity like a sparkler it rapidly zig-zagged across the globe.

Amidst of all this. I felt what I could only describe as a Universal-Sense of Peace & Happiness. It was a profound love I had never experienced. Then, What felt like forever, that consciousness, like a meteor, zoomed back into my body.

I came back a different person.

I became obsessed with finding that feeling again.

I Was Depressed With A Purpose

Over the years, building myself, growing my business, attracting ideal people who would help me in my life. In the years after losing my mother did I learn to see the duality in trauma. That Pain & Love existing cohesively. I had discovered that peace and happiness source that leads me to who I am today.

A limitless supply of this energy radiating through me which gives me light to see the governing laws of systems and ideologies in which go beyond the human psyche..

I understood how to syncronise with this world to create and impact.

Here is what has now come to be my greatest strengths from understanding loss and the human condition.

I have no attachments to money or beliefs. I have made lots of money and I have seen how pointless it is to keep it for yourself under the illusion of the security you're made to believe it offers.

The consumerist-ic way of living.

One that trades money and time for a false sense of reality that denies death by always obtaining or collecting debt.

Death has been my greatest teacher.

I have seen death, I have been death, I carry death. Every. Single. Day.

This allows for the gift of highest empathy, of highest contribution, and allows me to see and rewire the depths of human suffering that cloud people and stop them from realizing their visions.

The Scale Your Branding Initiative Was Something That Was Born So Natural To me..

This program represented a way to grab all of my gifts, personal and professional investments, and lessons.. to deliver it to an individual striving to do good back into this world.

I made this because it was unnecessary to pay ridiculous amounts of money when everything you needed to learn could just be packaged, delivered and focused on shifting the underlay issues that keeps holding you back.

While others accumulated I spent so much of it in knowledge.

If you're reading this, if you're resonating. There is a strong correlation that you are involved as part of that future.

I have zero care about keeping you on this program. I want you to be self sufficient after 3 months.

You'll most likely use Spiral Orb Designs for visionary branding, impactful web design and have my team be apart of your team as you grow and expand.

What I want more than anything for you is to see you at the round table above the earth in 5 years with me innovating and collaborating on change in this beautiful world through your company.

On the road towards,

I will help you to evolve your brand to match that true vision it embodies, to implement all the systems required to scale and put in all the in between work necessary to buy back your time.

To build greater wealth without trading time, while assisting you by your side with how you'll use your gifts in giving back to this world.

Spiral Orb Designs was designed to Spiral individuals. In their brands and in their life. We'll forever dedicate our time, love and brand to this vision.

In Contribution, Honesty, Integrity and Collaboration.


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