About Us


Built from the ground up

We practice what we preach.

Spiral Orb Designs was founded on May 4th 2017 (yes Star Wars fans, have your fun) by our founder who has a knack for developing brands and making them a reality quickly and effectively.

We found a gap in the market for visionary and community-driven folk who have a tendency to see the "good in everyone", and therefore are naïve to 'digital vultures' taking advantage of their pockets and visions, with a disregard for the human being behind the brand.

Very quickly we formed a team who bonded over the years through shared values and what Spiral represents for us.

This page is devoted to our story, our mission, and most importantly, our people.

Our Goals


Contribute collectively

to billion dollar resolutions through progressive technologies and innovation.

Assist 10,000

community-focused businesses, lead by people passionate about people and the health of our world.


Impact 7 Billion

people worldwide. The biggest of visions are realised together. We passionately work alongside the greats of tomorrow.

Meet our Spiral Inspo

Cliché right? A spider... a web designer...

But why did we specifically pick the Golden Orb Weaver to represent our brand? Believe it or not, the Golden Orb Weaver is voted one of the top 10 friendliest spiders. And just like most people are scared of spiders, they're also scared of actual web designers.

We wanted a spider that linked in with our understanding of Spiral Dynamics (more on this psychological model to come) and to rewire the fear of spiders.

The golden orb weaver also has three distinctive features that tie in with our values:

Golden Orb webs shine like gold in the sunlight, allowing them to completely stand out... just as our websites do.

They rebuild their webs on the daily, keeping them at top level maintenance... just as we do for our web care clients.

Their webs are so strong they even interfere with birds and bats! Which is symbolic of us keeping negligent digital practices away from our clients through education and a space for honest feedback when required.

Spiral Orb Designs has been built on a set of values that we uphold every day to ensure we remain true to our selves and our mission.



In collaboration we succeed. Our business model is all about working together as a team for your brand and your vision.


We're in the business of giving. It has lead us to the services, team, and delivery we gift today. Your vision is important to us!


We're community driven people, just like you. If a brand doesn't align with what we value we won't take it on as a project.

Meet Team Spiral


Claudio Conte

Founder / Branding Specialist

David Lipschitz

Lead Web Designer

Kate Keiley

Web Designer

Jai Dave

Web Care & Security Manager

Josh Harrison

Lead Graphic & Brand Designer

Laura Misuraca

Graphic & Brand Designer

Jackie McRae


Jessie Weatherley

Marketing Consultant